Interactive Learning Environment for the design of lead compensators on the root locus

By Dr. J. Xabier Ostolaza, University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU


rlocusDesign is a set of Matlab Scripts, that implements the graphical design of lead compensators in the Laplace plane.

Three phase-lead design approaches are considered:
1.- Bisector design
2.- Pole-zero cancellation design
3.- Proportional Derivative controller

The design process is general. For that reason, the tool assumes that there exist two specific variables in the Matlab Workspace:
- A LTI model object, named G, that represents the transfer function of the process -G(s)-
- The desired location of the dominant closed loop pole, named sd, that defines the closed loop behaviour of the system

Besides, a third argument (Tpause) defines the behaviour of the tool
- If Tpause<0 (Tpause=-1), the design process is made step by step
- If Tpause=0, only the final result of the compensator is presented
- If Tpause>0, a timed animation of the design process is developed

Additionally, the tool evaluates the convenience of the design, regarding the dominant condition of the desired closed loop pole, and simulates the step response of the closed loop system as well.


>> G=tf(4,[1 2 0])
>> wn=4; xi=0.5; sd=(4/(xi*wn))*(-1+1j*tan(acos(xi)))
>> rlocusDesign

Required Products: MATLAB (R2012a, R2014a), and Control System Toolbox

Once the design is finished, there is a new LTI model object in the Workspace, named C, that represents the transfer function of the compensator -C(s)-

Zip file to download

English Version: rlocusDesign.zip
Spanish Version: rlocusDesign_es.zip

Copyright (c) 2012, 2014, J. Xabier Ostolaza. All rights reserved. Code covered by the BSD License